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Known as the “Four E’s,” CFP® professionals set themselves apart from other financial planners in four key areas: ethics, education, examination and experience.


CFP® professionals don’t just say they’ll act in your best interests when it comes to investment advice — it’s a requirement to even receive certification from the CFP Board. And that’s just one of the many ethical pledges they make throughout the approval process.

86% of consumers prefer an advisor who has passed a rigorous education program and certification exam, and CFP® professionals can say they’ve accomplished both.* Participants must complete CFP Board-registered college or university-level coursework.
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CFP® professionals are put to the test — quite literally! Before earning certification, they must first pass the comprehensive CFP® exam, which gauges their ability to handle real-life situations and develop holistic plans that best reflect their clients’ financial needs.

When you meet with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, you can be confident you aren’t dealing with an industry greenhorn. They must achieve 6,000 hours of professional experience prior to certification.

Aligning Your Faith and Your Finances

The Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation enables specially trained financial professionals to offer clients a deep sense of purpose in stewarding their wealth.

The Certified Kingdom Advisor® certification is evidence that an advisor has studied to learn the finer points of retirement planning, investing, insurance and taxation, in accord with Christian principles.

More and more Christians are discovering that the worldview of their financial advisor is of utmost importance. The Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation connects Christian financial advisors with people who are seeking biblically wise financial guidance.

Many people want to invest their resources in a way that aligns with their personal values or Christian principles and prefer to work with a financial professional who shares those values.

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