Joe F. Schmitz Jr., CFP®, ChFC®, CKA®

Founder & CEO

You have worked hard all your life. Now, Joe and his team want to help you enjoy the rest of your life.

Joe has built a comprehensive retirement planning company focused on helping clients grow and preserve their wealth. Under Joe’s leadership, a team of experienced financial advisors use tax-efficient strategies, investment management, income planning, and proactive health care planning to help clients feel confident in their financial future – and the legacy they leave behind.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, he has not only passed a rigorous education program and certification exam to receive the CFP® designation, he has spent over 6,000+ hours
of professional experience to meet the CFP’s experience requirements.

What’s more, Joe has received the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation, showing that he has learned the finer points of retirement planning, investing, insurance and taxation in accord with Christian principles. By creating a firm to help you have a deep sense of purpose in how you steward your wealth.

Joe got his start in the financial services industry in 2015. Joe graduated with a Bachelor of Science in finance and financial planning from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, where he played basketball and ran track. He has lived near Columbus his entire life.

When Joe is not in the office, you can find him running, hiking, biking or reading. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. In addition, Joe sponsors and coaches a youth basketball team for Nova Village Athletic Club.

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