The Retirement Mountain

Reaching the summit is only the midway point of your journey.

At Peak Retirement Planning, we specialize in helping you get down the mountain to live the retirement you dream of. Here’s a helpful way to think about this process:

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Our 5 Pillar Approach

Too often, we see people only getting 1 out of the 5 pillars (investment management) and ignoring the other 4 (which, in our opinion, are just as important, if not more, at this phase in your life. Our 5 Pillar approach is designed to reduce mistakes and allow you to live the retirement you deserve. We always say retirement is different than all of your working years. Our 5 Pillar Approach is designed to make this transition and have a comprehensive retirement plan.


  • Use of tax software, reports and calculators
  • Reduce lifetime taxes
  • Tax return review
  • RMD planning
  • Roth conversions
  • Charitable planning

Investment Planning

  • Seeking protection and growth on your hard-earned life savings
  • Eliminating unnecessary fees
  • Professional investment management


  • Plan to get a paycheck for life to reduce the concern of running out of money
  • Social Security planning
  • Planning for inflation

Health Care

  • Medicare planning
  • Long-term care strategies
  • Planning for out-of-pocket health care expenses


  • Estate planning documents — trust, will, POA, etc.
  • Survivor planning
  • Reducing taxes to beneficiaries

Our Process

Here is our process to serve our clients from the first time we meet them to our ongoing service model. We plan retirements all day, every day and have built a specific process to allow us to maximize helping those in or near retirement.

Group 2

Discovery Session

  • Get to Know You
  • Discuss Your Concerns
  • Evaluate the 5 Pillars
  • Verify if We Can Help
Group 4

Strategy Session

Analyze Gaps Below and Discuss What it Looks Like to Work With Us

  • Tax Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Planning
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Estate Planning

Determine if it Makes Sense to Engage our Team

Group 6

Implementation Session

Let's Get Started!

  • Build Out Your Custom 5 Pillars
  • Finalize Decisions Together
  • Complete the Onboarding Process
  • Delivery Session
Group 8

Planning Session

Ongoing Relationship

  • Meet at Least Once a Year
  • Tax Planning Report
  • Further Education
  • Adjust Plan for Changes
  • Available at Any Time for Questions/Concerns
  • Quarterly Check Ins
  • Client Events
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