Experience the Pinnacle of Dedication and Integrity

Your needs, goals and future are our priority.


Core Values

This is our promise to you: We will always act in your best interest. Our mission is to help you achieve the retirement you deserve.

We will never take your nest egg for granted because we know how hard you worked to amass it. By getting to know your challenges and aspirations, we can make more informed decisions.

Implementing your customized financial plan is only the beginning of our relationship. We are dedicated to making this bond one that spans a lifetime — and potentially generations.

How We’re Different

  • While most firms stick to investment management, we offer comprehensive retirement planning.

  • We are independent, which means we will shop the marketplace to make sure you are getting the best deal.

  • When you work with us, you are working with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (CFP®) professionals, a Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®) and other credentialed professionals.

  • Financial planning can be complicated, but we keep it straightforward and easy to understand. Our Simplified Retirement Plan includes a comprehensive look at your financial picture and a tax report that can help you save money on taxes long term, all in a one- to two-page format.

Who We Serve

  • Are you nearing or already in retirement?

  • Could you perhaps best be described as a “diligent saver”?

  • Would you like to work with a firm that will see you not only to but through your retirement?

  • Are you looking for ways to save money on taxes?

  • Do you want your retirement income plan to feel like getting a paycheck for the rest of your life?

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