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Our complimentary guides will introduce you to even more information that can help make your retirement journey a joy.


Are you paying too much in taxes in retirement?

This 8-page guide was created for you to better understand how taxes could affect your retirement income, including:
• The different types of retirement accounts
• Why tax laws are ever-changing
• Options for tax deductions in retirement


Prepare for the future by considering the past

Gone are the days of planning retirement solely around a pension and Social Security benefits.
Download this 24-page guide learn more about:
• Why spouses should work together for an optimal retirement
• The unique challenges women face
• How a financial professional can help you make wise decisions


Give your loved ones the greatest gift!

Communicating your values and goals today can help your loved ones through tomorrow. This 12-page guide can help you understand the basics of estate planning, including:
• Areas your will should address (and who should write it)
• The two types of trusts — and how they can help reduce the chance of a family conflict
• A checklist to help you select the right person to carry out your wishes


Have you considered inflation’s impact on your retirement?

Prices are increasing on everything from groceries to healthcare. Download this guide to learn more about the most common questions on inflation including:
• What causes inflation?
• Is my retirement at risk?
• Why is the rate of inflation rising?


How can past volatility inform our present?

Watching market volatility can be exciting or nerve-wracking, depending on how much of your assets are tied to the markets’ performance. How do you know how to react? This 12-page guide explains all of that and more:
• Volatility is not new! History shows us how to respond to today’s volatility.
• Markets have weathered numerous crises in the past — and come back stronger.
• Timing the market does not work. Time in the market does.


Are you prepared for the next phase of retirement?

To confidently rappel down the retirement summit, you need gear and a guide, but what else? Download this 12-page guide to discover:
• What four retirement-related questions you should answer today
• Why putting your finances to use during retirement requires a strategy
• Where to turn for financial guidance


Make the most of Social Security

Although Social Security isn’t designed to cover all of your income needs, it’s an important part of the retirement puzzle. In this 16-page guide, you’ll learn:
• How to optimize Social Security for your situation
• Why timing is so important when it comes to your benefits
• Ways to supplement your Social Security income

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